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I am currently in the process of making a comic called "Stuck at Home". This is a Homestuck fancomic featuring me and a group of my friends. It's far from being done yet, but I need advice as to make sure I'm not creating any plot holes or doing something wrong. Anyone at all if free to help, even if they have never read Homestuck, and I would be very grateful to those who checked it out.

NOTE TO HOMESTUCK FANS: No, this comic is not following the same premises as the original Homestuck story-lines. This is a different game, but with a few similar rules which will be explained later on. If you have any recommendations as far as what I could do as far as game guidelines, please do let me know. Also, I will try to improve on my artwork as the comic goes on.

Here is this link to the cover, and all details will be in the description of every page following.

Cover Page:…

Thank you to all who are willing to help! :D
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August 27, 2016


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