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Hello ! ^-^
If you want, I can help you if you give points in exchange !

1 points = I give you a llama

5 points = I fav you a work ( you can choose the art I fav )

10 points = I follow you ~ ^-^

20 points = I share a deviation/ journal in a journal entry ^-^

30 points = I share your account in a journal entry

Hope it can help a little eheh :3
For 1 point I'll give you a llama and a llama to 4 of your friends/watchers for 1 point altogether.

I'll also throw in one adopt or one commission.
I design adopts and make commissions.
I'm selling a llama and two human commissions for 1 point in total.
I'm renting out my ocs for 1 month plus the rest of this one for 1 point.

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